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HCG Drops for Homeopathic Weight Loss

The HCG Diet has been around since the 1950s when British endocrinologist Dr. Albert Simeons first recommended the concurrent use of HCG with a very-low-calorie weight-loss diet to counteract the body's tendency to burn muscle mass before fat reserves on very-low-calorie diets such as the 500-calorie-per-day HCG Diet. Dr. Simeons evaluated his HCG Diet while studying a group of pregnant  women on calorie-deficient diets in combination with a group of obese people with Frölich's syndrome. Dr. Simeons found that by giving his subjects low doses of HCG, people in both groups were able to lose weight without losing lean muscle tissue. In 1954, Dr. Simeons published a book titled "Pounds and Inches" that he wrote to help fight obesity. In the book, he reasoned that the HCG must affect the switch between burning muscle on very-low-calorie diets to burning fat.

What Are HCG Drops, and How Do They Work?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a glycoprotein composed of 237 amino acids. This substance plays an important role during the beginning of pregnancy. HCG protects the developing fetus by inciting the elimination of abnormal adipose deposits—in other words, "fat storage."
HCG is also known to be an effective hunger suppressant. When dieters use it in combination with a strict 500-calorie-per-day diet, the HCG converts the body into a fat-burning machine, allowing you to lose weight by liquidating excess fat storage instead of converting lean tissue into energy before turning to fat deposits, which would otherwise lead to muscle deterioration.
HCG drops are specially formulated homeopathic supplements that trigger your body's production of human chorionic gonadotropin by introducing a small amount of the substance to the blood stream via sublingual drops. We must emphasize that the HCG drops will only be effective for weight loss when they are used in conjunction with a very-low-calorie, 500-calorie-per-day diet as outlined by Dr. Simeons in his HCG Diet protocol. Failure to adhere to the caloric-intake restrictions will interfere with the physiological mechanism that HCG stimulates during periods of low calorie intake, rendering the treatment ineffective.
To ensure the best benefit and highest chance of success with the implementation of your ultra-low-calorie diet supplemented with HCG diet drops, please follow these dosing instructions:
Take 10 HCG diet drops 3 times per day, under the tongue, for appetite control. Hold the drops under your tongue for 30 seconds before you swallow. Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after you take the HCG diet drops. If you find that you are still experiencing hunger while following the 500-calorie HCG Diet, you may increase the dosage to 6 drops 6 times a day.

Where to Buy HCG Drops at Great Prices

If you're wondering where to buy HCG drops to supplement your very-low-calorie diet, you've found the right place! We offer our ultra-high-quality HCG diet drops in four different amounts. Choose between a 7-day, 15-day, 30-day, or 60-day supply.
After your purchase, you will receive an email containing instructions that walk you through the steps to download your copies of the "Intermountain HCG Diet Guide" and the "Intermountain HCG Recipe Book." These books provide extensive, easy-to-digest information and instructions that teach you to follow the diet successfully to safely yet quickly lose weight!

Same Effective Formula, New and Improved Taste!

The biggest complaint we heard about our original HCG drops formula was our customers' aversion to the bitter taste. So, we set out to reformulate our HCG diet solution to eliminate that bitter taste while still providing the same proven weight-loss results. With our new formula for HCG drops, we have almost completely eliminated the bitter taste that led to the former complaints about the way our previous HCG diet drops mixture tasted. With our new and improved formula, you now get the same reliable results, but with much better tasting HCG drops! In fact, some people report that they can't taste the drops at all.


Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. As with any new diet, exercise regimen, or weight-loss program, you should talk to your doctor about the potential impacts on your health before you begin.