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HCG Diet Recipes

In order to utilize the HCG kit as a weight loss aid, it is important to maintain the proper diet as to maximize the weight loss process. HCG kits are especially helpful when it comes to maintaining your diet.HCG recipes are carefully constructed and moderated so that they provide the necessary intake of foods in order to consume the appropriate number of calories each meal. HCG diet meal plans allow you to adjust your metabolism and help shed those pounds.

HCG Diet Meal Plans - HCG Kit

The HCG diet foods are based on a plan that involves three important stages in order to realize weight loss:

1. The first phase of the plan, in conjunction with your HCG kit, involves consuming meals with food that is high in fat and calories. This HCG diet menu will put the body in a position to maximize the changes in metabolism that the plan will be putting the body through. This phase only lasts for two days.

2. Depending on the HCG kit you select, the second phase goes from day 3 to day 21, or from day 3 to day 42. During this time the meals are carefully moderated. There are a number of HCG recipes that outline a variety of proper diet foods. In addition to these recipes, there are also HCG kits and guides offering support and charting information. These meal kits hold all the essential ingredients necessary to maintain strict adherence to the appropriate HCG diet foods.

3. The third and final phase of HCG diet meal plans is all about maintenance. This is the phase where the HCG supplement is no longer being taken, but food is still being carefully moderated. The body adjusts to how it will handle fat as the metabolism stabilizes. During this time special recipes and food kits can be used, but as time goes on these meals are adjusted to provide for higher calorie intake. It can be hard to adjust to the changes in HCG diet foods, but strict maintenance and constant vigilance is necessary to ensure that the lost weight doesn't come back.

HCG Diet Foods for All Tastes

The most important part of any diet is to carefully follow the meal instructions outlined in the diet plan. With hard work and diligence, the HCG kit and meal plan ensures that you will be proud of your new weight loss results.

A complete HCG Diet Recipe e-Book is included with every purchase.